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to wear red. >>> san jose police have released a sketch of the driver who triggered yesterday's amber alert. the woman is 38 to 45 years old, 5'5", 160-pounds with a dark complexion and dark hair. police say she stole a jeep with this 11 month old girl inside. her mom left the engine running while she was getting ready to leave for work. officers later found the jeep abandoned at an apartment complex with the girls still inside. mom and daughter were reunited. and oakland police release this video of a suspect wanted for trying to kidnap a nine-year- old girl. the young girl played in front of her home on the 1200 block of 94th avenue. the stranger approached her and began to touch her inappropriately. a family member was able to intervene. the man fled and was last seen jumping into a silver 1990s honda civic. police say he is in his late 20s, 5'8" with a black goatee. >> also tonight, an 8-year-old girl from san rafael is recovering from an arrow wound. juliette goodrich on the class field trip that went haywire. >> this isone of the arrows found in the hillside below the lawrenc
holding off a little bit longer than first thought. details coming up. >>> san jose police are investigating their seventh homicide of the year after a fatal stabbing near a park. the victim was a young man in his teens or early 20s. police found his body just before 4:00 this afternoon. so far no arrests and no word on a motive. >>> an emotional day in an oakland courtroom for a woman whose husband came to the bay area for a job area and was murdered. she was returning to his rental car in july of 2010 when two people approached and demanded money. he told them he had only $17 and he was shot to death. video caught the suspects leaving the scene. today his widow came face-to-face with the accused. >> even though i have to face all this againisti wanted to do this last thing for my husband. so i'm trying my best to do this. >> his widow is headed home to virginia tonight. doesn't know if she will return. the defendant, george huggins, is facing the death penalty. his girlfriend and alleged accomplice is expected to testify against him. >>> a san francisco man will be facing
on a busy san jose street. >>> we just have not been able to locate mr. bush. and so for that reason, the rescue effort is being discontinued. >> a man swallowed by a sinkhole and no chance for recovery. what will happen now to save a neighborhood. >>> it's my money. so -- i mean it makes me mad. >> unclaimed cash stolen by the state. the change in the work to reunite residents with money left behind. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. we begin tonight with developing story out of san jose. a high speed chase ends with officers shooting and killing a suspect. neighbors capturedthe dramatic scene on city treesen -- streets on their cell phones. and eventually ended near the intersection of blossom and carelo avenues. kpix 5's don knapp reports. >> reporter: and police are not talking specifically about a gun being used by the suspect although they do say a threatening motion was made. but the lethal weapon in this case was the suspect's own vehicle which he used to ram three police cars. what began as a solo officer chasing a suspect ended up with this, multiple police cars and ultima
stabbing of a woman in san jose. this was the scene yesterday afternoon as police went house to house looking for the killer. tonight, police have identified the suspect, and he is still on the run. police are calling it a case of domestic homicide. ding) friends >> reporter: friends and members of the family gathered in the parking lot of sanda cruz gonzalez' near her apartment. she was 29. a neighbor told us the victim has a 9 or 10-year-old son. she was stabbed to death friday by an ex-boyfriend. gi was scared because -- >> i was scared because there was a guy sitting on the curb full of blood. and i wor across the street, and i had to run to the county. >> we now that the suspect had a confrontation with her in the parking lot. he stabbed her multiple time, fled on if the, jumped a fence into the neighborhood just east of the crime. >> reporter: the suspect is juan ramirez. he dated cruz-gonzalez two years ago. then he continued to stock the victim who had a restraining order against hip. now he's believed headed to mexico. immediately after the stabbing friday, police launched a
'll have tonight. >>> good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. a san jose family is grief stricken after finding a family member. kpix5's kit doe explains what took so long to find the missing man. kit. >> reporter: we know ken, we just learned that the woman arrested has confessed to the killing and she will be charged with murder. police also tell us that the victim was stabbed multiple times and crime scene was gruesome. >> for the past month, christina has been scouring the streets locking for her grandfather. it turns out, he was literally right under everyone's noses the whole time. >> you didn't smell anything? >> yes, it smelled like garbage, but he was decaying that much. today he really smell the decay. >> the 70-year-old man had been stabbed. his body stuffed under the mattress of his own foldout sofa bed. christina reported her grandpa missing on february 18. no one, not her, not the police, notice the decomposing body under the mountain of junk inside his apartment until it got really bad. >> at first it was a relief knowing he was there and then i felt
in the streets of san jose before shooting and killing him. several hours later, officers in union city killed a gunman. in each case, police say they felt that they were under attack. >> several officers killed this year. at the end of last year. it's disturbing. >> reporter: some in the community think officers fear of the public is leading them to shoot too quickly. >> the police are supposed to protect and serve, and watch over us. now it seems like they're watching us, rather than watching over us. >> they're all justifying it. it's okay, they can do it then we can do it. my own daughter is afraid of the police officers. >> i don't want them killing people. >> is that what you think they do? >> yes. >> why do you think they do that? >> because they're bad people. >> late this afternoon, police identified the suspect driver in the hayward case as 23-year- old arthur packman of oakley. hayward authorities also confirm his passenger was killed by police gunfire. not the crash. >>> the accused gunman in a violent las vegas strip shooting and crash is expected in a courtroom tomorrow. it's an
all the way down to san jose. also towards towards saratoga. steady rain for san francisco. an hour ago, that ended temporarily. we could use this rain fall in march. look what happens next month. we start turning down that speck specket from mother nature. not only tonight, but for the next couple of nights. that will be with us until midday tomorrow. giving us a chance of rain. the past four or five rain chances has been the front. rain chances gone, not the case this time, because behind that is an upper level area of low pressure. this will move over top of us. this is going to be here on thursday. i think for most of us, thursday will be wetter than what we have outside right now with a chance of thunderstorms and dropping snow levels. here's the future cast through 5:00 tomorrow. a quarter of an inch of rain fall. now look at the numbers once we add in thursday, concord, an inch of rain fall. redwood city, nearly an inch of rain fall. breezy tomorrow, as that front moves through. steady rain is done by 10:00, but the rain is back on thursday. mid 50s tomorrow, that's it. san j
boomers. how about 73 for livermore tomorrow. san jose 71. that's 4 degrees above average. san mateo and union city, all right around 69 to 70 degrees tomorrow. concord 73. walnut creek 74. livermore at 73 tomorrow. vallejo 71 is and low 70s likely in oakland, sonoma and san rafael. there's the rain moving in late tomorrow, it will be hopping inside. to let that get wet. we've got rain and thunderstorms on easter sunday as we will dry out by monday. monday through wednesday looking dry. another chance of rain on thursday. you can't get that rain all winter long. now it's easter sunday. we'll get that rain. >> and they will be adding that here during the day. >> it won't be a washout, but with a chance of thunderstorms if you hear thunder, that's my rule of thumb to keep the kids inside. always better to keep them safe as you can hear the thunder and you'll be close enough to get hit. maybe an easter egg hunt inside. sounds good. >> good advice. all right. students and families in san jose will march through the streets to celebrate. today marked the 20th year of the allen rock school
that suspect is under arrest. >>> we is developing news coming out of san jose. a brutal attack leaves one woman dead in the parking lot of an apartment complex. right now, police are still looking for the killer. they say that the man approached the 29-year-old woman about 2:30 this afternoon on north 1st street. shortly after that woman was stabbed several times. the suspect took off running. jumping over some neighborhood fences. dozens of officers searched several yards, but could not find that suspect. >> we don't know if the victim was known to each other. what we do know is, he walked up to her in the parking lot. i don't nee if she was targeted, he sat there. >> and police say the suspect is dangerous and they believe he is still armed with a weapon. san jose's 10th homicide of the year. >> a long time bay area baseball coach wanted on child molestation charges turned himself in today. joel is acuesed of molesting a teenage boy and secretly filming another in a bathroom. police won't say how he knew the boys, but they do suspect there are more victims. kauffman owns the triple pl
don't do until early to mid april for san jose, livermore, and santa rosa. your forecast coming up. >>> it's one of those home repair jobs that comes with a big price tag and even bigger mess. replacing a roof. now, all those used shingles won't be heading to a landfill as kpix5's reporter explains, we'll be driving on them. >> with spring weather here, contractors around the bay area are rapidly replacing roofs. hundreds of them every day. and that is a lot of roofs. in inmarin county alone, the question is, where does all that stuff go? usually here in the landfill. roofer, brian mcclarion says all those old shingles got to go somewhere. >> we are the single largest contributor to the landfills. if we can start diverting roofing material, it would be huge. >> working with the company in oakland is starting to pilot project called roofs to roads. now the old asphalt shingles could end up here. they would be ground up and used as an additive to new asphalt instead of the dump. about time. >> the newest and greatest thing, you know, they've been doing it for 25 years back east a
officers has been moved now from santa cruz to the hp pavilion in san jose to accommodate a huge crowd. that memorial at noon next thursday. we will have live coverage here on kpix5. >>> another police chase. this ended outside of the tunnel. it began with a danville woman reporting a man stealing stuff from inside her house. officers spotted his car, they gave chase. first up, interstate 680 and the 23-year-old hayward man crashed into a couple of cars near the tunnel. police say he then tried to make a run for it. but he was caught. >>> a santa clara county supervisor blames depression and a gambling addiction for deceiving the public for years. now he faces felony charges for betting away tens of thousands in political and public funds. kpix5's len ramirez on the long- term pattern of deception. >> and i have and i will cooperate certainly with anyone. >> george surrenderedded himself with his attorney and was booked on 12 felony and misdemeanor charges. the charges stem from years of unable to file reports and lavishly spending public money. the district attorney says he wants to
money they're earning right here in san jose. >> we know that people i increasingly make decisions about where they're going to shop and dine on an ethical basis. >> and labor unions and businesses are hoping knowing works are being paired wages will bring in more customers. >> he's noticed a difference since he gave raises to many employees. a lot of them are happier. >> he's on the hook for an extra 50 to $60,000 a year. >> i can't think about that. it's just a cost of business. >> not all businesses will be able to handle the hike, according to the mayor. >> i'm concerned about people losing their jobs. small businesses in particular will make accommodations. sml arb-some will absorb the cost. >> actually be able to achieve real financial independent from my parents. i didn't make enough to be able to pay for rent and gas, i used to say, now maybe i can do that. >> the minimum wage is $8 an hour in california. workers are paid based on whichever rate where they work is higher. right now there is a bill in congress proposing to raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.1
. the little girl was found safe inside the abandoned suv about six miles from her san jose home. kit doe was there tonight and we just heard from the baby's mother. >> reporter: yeah, they got home about 45 minutes ago. the mother did not want to talk specifically about what happened today, but she did want to say exactly how much all this help meant to her. >> she's fine. thank you. >> when they first got home, they were exhausted and did not want to talk on camera. overcome with gratitude, the baby's mother changed her mind. >> i want to say thank you to everybody. thank you for everyone, the police department, everything. my baby is okay, thank god, and i am happy and i want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. >> the five hour search ended when a neighbor found the infant in the alley way of duplexes. she was still inside the stolen suv. the doors were unlocked, she was unbuckled and crouched in her baby seat. carlos was first on seat and gabriella gave him a hug. >> you feel compelled and obligated. we were going to make sure none of us were going to go home until we found
expansion in san jose. according to the mercury news, it's worth lots of money per employee for five years. >> they'll go from 500 employees to 2000 employees over the next couple of years. >> reporter: the deal brings environment environmentally friendly event event event research center. samsung is already in austin where employees are 2500 and is expanding their plant. >> more smaller size company to come to get closer to samsung, to get closer to the cyst co. i think in the long run it's a benefit to san jose. >> the city says it's not giving anything away except future tax breaks. >>> on tuesday the supreme court will hear a challenge to proposition 8. the voter passed initiative defines marriage between a man and a woman. >> when we talk about fund meantlized as related to the constitution we're talking about those sacred of all the rights we have. the united states supreme court describes it as such. >> a challenge to the federal defense of marriage act will be heard this week. there was a
for comments. she declined. so far it's unclear whether the d.a. will prosecute this case. >>> a san jose teen killed in a caltrain accident this week was remembered as an aspiring musician who loved life. dena jonathan was hit by a train while walking home on tuesday. he was a popular student at lincoln high, a school for the performing arts. a huge crowd turned out tonight for a vigil to remember him. >> i had no idea my baby had been loved by so many people. i had no idea that he was in the world just blessing people and loving people and making them half. i'm so proud that my baby touched all of these people. >> the accident is still under investigation but dena's mother says her son was listening to music and didn't hear the train coming. >>> a pre-school teacher was charged today for spiking toddler sippy cups with sleeping pills. 59-year-old deborah gratz is charged with five counts of child endangerment and five counts of assault. she was walking at the kiddie academy at morgan hill, she's been there since 2007. she was arrested several days after a fellow teacher witnessed gratz putti
overnight tonight. mountain view 46. san jose 46, and concord 46 degrees. i showed you this 26 out of 28 days in february. kpix5 without a drop of rain on it, but that will change next week. we'll get through the weekend dry and next week we're going to see significant changes. another weather maker is moving through and it's missing us by 6 or 7 ,000 miles. up north, it's been hanging out for a week, it will keep us dry tomorrow. tomorrow and warm, even though those of you watching us in san francisco, you've been stuck in the 50s because of an on shore flow. tomorrow you get an offshore wind that and that will start things off warm for everybody. all of the bay area will be in the 70s. a big, cold area of low pressure will begin to exert its influence on sunday and monday, then tuesday, the first of a few fronts will move through. next tuesday, rain moving in for all of us. tomorrow, sunny and warm, clouds increase. temperatures decrease this weekend, but still nice to get out and a wetter pattern does develop next week. how about tomorrow? hello march, san jose 72. 73 for campbell. r
in san jose. this happened just after 4:00 this afternoon. and delayed service during the rush hour. it is the third fatality on the cal tran corridor this year. >>> san francisco police believe they have arrested the man who killed a long-time newspaper vendor. 77-year-old dallas ayers worked for 30 years selling papers. the 36-year-old mark casel is charged with grabbing airings last january 28, lifting him in the air and slamming him to the ground. >> and the bay area trooper, tyler carlton has been named the nation's top trooper. the international association of chiefs of police recognized 26-year-old officer for his heroism. a gunman shot carlton's partner in september in alamo. he died at the scene, but the chp said the actions that day stopped the gunman from shooting other people. >>> with a plea to protect the poor and the environment, pope pope francis was installed as the pope of the church. 150 cardinals and 200,000 catholics. the pope rode around st. peter's square for almost an hour before the mass began. he stopped to kiss babies and ordered the pope mobile to pull o
in the face twice. >> reporter: then the thieves took off with her cellphone. and in san jose, police believed this couple trolled lite rail trains light month before kicking and punching a woman and fwrabing her belonging -- grabbing her belongings. >> we have seen how australia came around this area, and they have been able to have tremendous impact on cellphone robberies. >> reporter: industry officials insist they're doing their part with a stolen phone database that most carriers check before reactivating a phone. >> there's a lot of smoke and mirrors. the reality is that a lot of the consumerless are not going to use -- consumers are not going to use this registry. >> a spokesman for the telecommunication industry says they hope to have a database for stolen phones by the end of the year. >>> coming up, new york does it, so why not san francisco? the new push to push last-call to 4:00 am, instead of 2:00 am. >> and what happens to the old eastern span of the bay bridge when the new span opens later this year? hint: it will not be imploded. ,,,,,, [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card an
where we have temperatures cooling off. upper 40s livermore. and concord 47 degrees. 48, and san jose 48. we have a clear . we are springing ahead with our temperatures. you'll see that in a second. also this weekend when you go to bed saturday night, set your clocks ahead one hour. here's how things will be changing. sunset tonight was 6:11. sunshine is going to be a lot later. of course, you lose that hour in the morning. that is over baja, california, and heading into southern arizona where they had widespread small hail in both phoenix and scotts dale and also tucson this morning. low pressure is moving out, so it's all about this will begin excerpting inflounce tomorrow. sunshine with highs in the 50s. once that high pressure goal bets warmer, it's going be stranger than we first thought, but next week it is all about the 70s. this is your coldest day for the next week. san jose 65. it's a few degrees below average. san mateo 67. your high 66. san ramon 65. low 60s for kentfield, mid 60th for sanoma. a couple degrees milder on sunday. it's an on slot of 70s all the way through frida
headlines, san jose police cars blocked off mrsa and capital drives as officers investigated the ninth homicide of the year. a man was shot in the chest and found dead in the street. so far, police do not have a suspect. >>> in san francisco, police believe a homeless man was sleeping on top of an elevator when he was crushed. his body was found last night in an elevator shaft at the montgomery bart station. >>> police now say the woman who held off officers with a shotgun in san francisco and a hatchet for hours after breaking into a home was high on bath salt. the ordeal happened on march 3 at a home in the 2800 block of lion street. s.w.a.t. officers negotiated with her for more than two hours before she surrendered. she faces burglary charges. >> it's going to be impossible to get a table for at least a couple of weeks. the world renowned berkeley eatly says it is canceling all reservations through march 23. after that fire that damaged the restaurant, the fire confined to the front porch in the entry way, but repairs could cost upwards of $200,000. >>> a 4.7 earthquake shook a wi
there on the roadway. mountainview currently 53. livermore at 52. san jose in the lower 50s. mostly cloudy skies after the sun-filled day today. we'll be bringing it back to the avenues, all the way up to the 70s in santa rosa and 74 for the warm spot. now tonight another cool night here under the mostly cloudy sky. upper 40s to the north and right in between. 40s around the central bay with a beautiful view of the bay bridge. wow. mostly cloudy tonight with a deck of high thin clouds. partly sunny skies during the day and rain will be moving through the bay area. and here's the deal with the high pressure, encompassing the entire state. in fact it has for the past seven days. and it will be a little bit cooler today than yesterday by five to seven degrees as these clouds, they ran over the ridge. that area of low pressure will be working their way to the forecast. and here is your monday morning commute at 8:00 a.m. here goes monday night into tuesday. and there is your tuesday morning commute. no need for the umbrella. but by tuesday evening, that's when we'll be able to start to see that rain showe
'm alyssa cook. we begin tonight with information just in from san jose where a man has been shot and killed by police. it happened where officers tried to stop a stolen car. we've got more with more on what happened. >> reporter: well this shooting happened just about three hours ago as you can see it is still an active investigation. we're about a block from where it all happened. but right where it took place, a neighbor rushed down to the place, took a picture and sent it to us. you're looking at a photo of two undercover police cars. investigators say that he threw his car many reverse and rammed those police cars behind him. putting him in drive to ram that parked car in front of him. at that point they jumped out of his car where the suspect tried to run that officer over. the officer fired one single shot, hitting the suspect. paramedics took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. this all started when they tried to pull the suspect's car over, but they were terrified as the chase went through their neighborhood. >> it was pretty scary when the cops were chasing the kid, a
was not badly injured. this is a third police shooting in san jose this year. >> well, a man who was ordered to clean up his house might end up owing tens of thousands of dollars in the process. back in january, we showed you this guy's place. you remember. there's so much clutter you could actually see it in satellite photos from outer space. well, after numerous complaints from neighbors and several citations to the home on lynburg street in san mateo. kpix 5's kiet doe tells us the city is now taking sgraks ken, when we were here earlier this year you would not have been able to see me from where the camera is now, but take a look at it as it is now. the homeowner has made a lot of progress but for the city of san mateo, it is not enough. >> this is what it looked like january 2nd. junk was piled chest deep in the front yard. the homeowner was sleeping in a tent. but here's what it looks like today. what a difference you can make with three months and a court order. >> i just want it over. i'm tired of fighting. i mean, tell me what i'm fighting against. tell me what it is you really want
. and a ceremony in san jose paid tribute to dozens of servicemen from the south bay city who died in the conflict. today's gathering included the unveiling and dedication of a granite monument titled sons of san jose. mayor reed a vietnam vet himself says the monument is long overdue. >> now that i look back on it, i realize the tragic losses that these men suffered by losing their lives. the tragic loss their families suffered and it's good we can honor them with this memorial. >> standing 6'0" tall and 13 feet long the monument honors the 142 men from san jose who served and died in the war. >>> and in san mateo a chinese tradition honors their dead ancestors by sweeping their graves. it's called the festival. it includes lion dancers and traditional blessings by buddhists and monks to help scare away bad spirits. an estimated 6,000 people were expected to turn out for the weekend festival. >>> this just freaks me out a little knowing this could kill me. >> hundreds in an agonizing wait to see if their health will forever change after visiting a dentist. the horrific experience one patient says
. slightly below average in san jose but that's okay. tomorrow should be spot on. 30s and 40s for overnight lows. lots of clear skies with the new moon. here is the bottom line. your weather headlines tonight. overnight, clear skies. tomorrow official sunup at 7:29 with daylight saving time beginning. lets's call it beach weather. here is my pick city for tomorrow, santa cruz. and the weather will get warmer because right here we have high pressure building in. it's diverting this storm track well into the pacific northwest and into british columbia. i'm calling it march madness, several days of 70s to be seen. tomorrow's high going up to 70s in throughout cara linda, green bray, santa rosa, upper 60s in the trivalley. upper 60s around the peninsula. the warmest day coming up will be on wednesday. that's when we'll peak into the mid-and high 70s away from the bay and into our inland areas. your thursday we begin to cool ever so slightly with a few clouds that will roll into the vicinity. then full on sunshine on saturday and as we were alluding to earlier, tonight overnight is when you have
fall wise in san francisco and half a foot for san jose and rivermore. find out how much we may make up some solid rain fall ground. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the numbers. >>> keeps going up, another record day on wall street. jason brooks has the numbers. >> make it ten wins in a row for the blue chips. another record setting day for the dow, eight straight, closing up 84 points and the s and p closing within two points of its record close of 1565 back in october of 2007. that ten session streak for the dow is its longest since november of 1996. you could credit a strengthening job market for this. labor department reported a drop of 10,000 first-time unemployment claims to 332,000. on top of that strong gain in february and the dropping unemployment rate, investors like what they are seeing. >> inflation remains mild. >>> we're just days away from the opening of a long awaited bay area bypass. the twin tunnels are among the most sophisticated in the country. david jackson shows us after eight years of hard work, caltrans is down to the finishing touches. >> shiny new austrian des
as this one as the county fairgrounds in san jose today. the company that organized this says bans are unconstitutional. on monday a federal appeals court will take up the company's case against alameda county. >>> a sad anniversary in morgan hill today. it was one year ago when sierra lamar vanished on the way to school. and the one person authorities have accused of kidnapping and killing the 15-year-old is not talking. the search for sierra continued today. kpix 5's anne makovec spent the day with her family as they gathered to remember her. >> reporter: it's the anniversary this community never wanted to come. each of these balloons carries a note for sierra lamar. >> i just wrote i love you sierra. i'll see you soon. >> it's like a message in a bottle and it's all that we believe that she's going to come back. >> reporter: her daughter has been missing since the morning of march 16th, 2012 when she walked to the bus stop at this morgan hill intersection. posters and pink ribbons still mark the spot. her mom since moved to los gatos because it was too difficult to stay here. >>
will take you outside. you are thinking wow, i like this storm. 78 degrees in san jose. napa 78. heyward 77. a time it's 73 before the on or shore flow came back. half-moon bay, 65 degrees. now we have a few showers. one over daily city heading toward ocean beach, may get wet within the next five or ten minutes. we are tracking things. big changes, livermore, you were close to 80. tomorrow, 68. showers in the afternoon. easter, 65 and showers likely with a chance of a few thunderstorms. obviously, something is changing, let me show you what will be moving in. british columbia. that hits rarely do we see low pressure. this is what gave us the southerly flow. but now when the low gets closer to us, we aren't going to get the warm, we're going to get the storm and the showers will arrive, tomorrow afternoon is when we'll see showers. then low pressure right now, it's going to move right over top of the bay area. destabilizing the atmosphere. you get rain. more lift and the chance of thunderstorms. it is sunday afternoon. we carry a decent shot of hearing thunder late in the day on easter. show
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